Redux auth starter is preconfigured Create React App Template with Zero Configuration by running a single command.

What is Redux Auth Starter?

Redux auth starter is a Create React App (CRA) Template, Which is preconfigured with all needed dependencies and set up to build a scalable SaaS application by running a single command.

Why not Create React App?

If we need to develop a react app, Most of us start to develop a react app with Create React App (CRA). CRA has many features like instead reload, optimized bundle, ships with single dependency, ESlint, Testing and Easy to maintain. But are these features are enough to build a Scalable SaaS…

Advantages of new React feature: React server components

In this article, we will see some key points of React Server Components.

On December 21 2020, posted a blog on react server component as Introducing Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components.

React Server Components are an experimental feature and not for production use.

As the main use case of the server component is to move the non-user interactive component from client to server components. And this approach is mainly focussed on

  1. Good user experience
  2. Cheap Maintenance and
  3. Fast Performance

Client, Server and Shared Components

Server Components feature allows writing components as server and client components, React differentiate…

Run a Serverless Laravel application using Bref in AWS Lambda.

In this article, we can see how to run a serverless Laravel application using Bref package and AWS Lambda.

What is Serverless?

Let’s keep it simple: Serverless is a cloud model where the cloud provider takes care of resource allocation dynamically, so charged for the amount of resource used. Serverless is also referred to as “Functions as a Service” or “FaaS”.

Serverless Providers

  1. AWS Lambda
  2. Azure Functions
  3. Google Cloud Functions
  4. Cloudflare

Why Serverless?

  1. The server setup is managed by the cloud service provider.
  2. Pay for what is used.
  3. Automatic scaling.

Due to serverless architecture, we only pay…

Securely make JWT based authentication in React Application

In this article, we will see how to securely store the JWT token in a single page app for authentication.

What are all the options we have to store the token in the browser?

  1. Local storage
  2. Memory
  3. Cookie

JWT in Local Storage

Is local storage is secure to store a token? Let see now, Local storage is accessible from client-side only, so your API provider will set the JWT in the API response Authorization header as a bearer token in login or Register API if the status success. In React, we will get the JWT and store it in the local storage as below

How to upgrade major version of PostgreSQL in AWS RDS.

In this article, I will share how upgraded the PostgreSQL from 11.9 to 12.4 in AWS RDS. Make sure that you thoroughly test after upgrade in the testing environment to verify that your applications work correctly before applying the upgrade to your production DB instances. Major version upgrades can contain database changes that are not backwards-compatible with existing applications.

Checklist to follow before Major version upgrade

  1. Take a Backup of the latest DB
  2. If you are using a custom parameter group upgrade it to the latest version
  3. Make sure that you have read release notes of the version you are going to upgrade

Start Upgrading

Steps followed are done…



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