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Redux Toolkit, Store, Create Slice, Feature Folder

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Instance, verbs, timeouts, and more

city street at night
city street at night
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Axios Instance

Here are the 10 services that provide free hosting for your React App.

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1. Netlify

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1. useIdle

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  1. Automatic Batching
  2. Start Transition
  3. New Suspense SSR
  4. Concurrent Suspense

Automatic Batching

React 17 with Batching

What is Redux Auth Starter?

Why not Create React App?

  1. Good user experience
  2. Cheap Maintenance and
  3. Fast Performance

Client, Server and Shared Components

What is Serverless?

Serverless Providers

  1. AWS Lambda
  2. Azure Functions
  3. Google Cloud Functions
  4. Cloudflare

Why Serverless?

  1. The server setup is managed by the cloud service provider.
  2. Pay for what is used.
  3. Automatic scaling.

What are all the options we have to store the token in the browser?

  1. Local storage
  2. Memory
  3. Cookie

JWT in Local Storage


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